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    Where do we begin to tell you about our great selection of sportstop? Workout shirts and sports bras are here for the taking. Let us give you the lowdown on all the women's sports bra and sport shirt deets! Let's get down and dirty!

    Nothing beats a workout done well, and done in the perfect bra. When it comes to exerting yourself, a padded sports bra or push up sports bra might be the way to go. Keeping the girls snug with a tight fit that also provides some lift can prevent soreness, chafing, and other unpleasant anomalies. Yoga bras with a high quality build that don't cut any corners can be instrumental in reducing embarrassing instances during cool down or while working out in the A/C, if you know what we mean. Sports bras are available in a variety of colors and patterns, but if you haven't started building your workout attire kingdom yet, we recommend starting out with a black sports bra and a white sports bra for good measure.

    Now that everything's under control up top, let's consider what other gym shirts might be good to invest in. Good workout shirts are non-distracting workout shirts that let you focus on exercise. To reduce fuss, consider going for workout tank tops. Gym tank tops are going to have a minimalistic sleeveless design that lets your sweat evaporate quickly. We see many celebrities today foregoing the average workout t-shirt and sticking with a sleeveless look instead. Workout tanks are one of the main ways you can up your athletic fashion game. Don't hesitate to activate your endorphins now!

    Consider investing in your health today by creating a workout wardrobe. Even if you don't naturally gravitate towards exercise, having cute activewear on hand can help nudge you towards healthier activities. Continue browsing the ZAFUL e-shop for more awesome workout shirts!

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